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CN 5400-series ex-EMDX / Oakway SD60 Paint-Ups / Patch Jobs

These are always popular with railfans and modelers. CN scooped up a bunch of ex-EMD/Oakway leasing SD60’s (formerly leased to Burlington Northern) a number of years ago. All were renumbered into the 5400 series (previously occupied by now-retired GMD SD50F’s). … Continue reading

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CP Rail 4203, MLW C424 Build & Paint-up

Awww yeeah, action red baby. Prototype History & Details: As the 60’s rolled around, Canadian Pacific had fully dieselized its operation throughout the 50’s and retired its last steam locomotives in early-mid 1960. It was swarming with first generation diesel … Continue reading

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CN 567417 – the High Class Roller of 40′ Boxcars

Above: What is this, “Pimp My Boxcar” week on this Blog? Let’s ratchet the humour up to 11 for this. The fun part about building boxcars is you can have endless variety to play with: a boring 40′ boxcar might … Continue reading

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Eye-Spy: CN Weston Sub – Highbury Industrial Lead, Rexdale Part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’d like to do more (and have a list of ideas), but time and other priorities pop up. Our first installment way back, Part 1, dealt with some of the … Continue reading

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